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Orlando Magazine, Nov 2004 - Home Fitness Rooms

Personal Trainers in the Home

Orlando Weekly

Orlando Magazine, Nov 2004

If having a home gym is a convenient way to stick with your fitness regimen, how much more convenient to have a personal trainer visit your home for one-on-one workout sessions. Part expert exercise consultant, part motivator and taskmaster, part monitor to ensure your workout is safe and effective, personal trainers are increasingly taking their business out of the health clubs and into the home.

Local personal trainer Tad Campbell explains that a highly trained and appropriately certified trainer has the expertise to help clients get the most from their workouts. Campbell starts off new clients with a detailed heath questionnaire that helps him modify the routine to accommodate any limitations or health problems. He measures heart rate to find the target rate, and blood pressure if the client has a history of hypertension. He also has clients complete a detailed nutrition profile and uses that to construct a sample diet that will work for them, saying "95 percent of my clients want to lose weight."

"95 percent of my clients want to lose weight."

What does it cost to hire a personal trainer to come to your home? Campbell says his range of $70 to $75 per hour session is the norm for a qualified professional. While this is more than you will pay for a trainer at a health club, keep in mind that with travel time and waiting through a client's last minute preparations before the work out, it can easily "take two hours for a one-hour session." Training sessions are typically scheduled for three times a week. Finding the right trainer for your needs may take some investigation. Campbell notes that the best trainees have at least a B.A. in exercise science as well as instructor certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association; Campbell has both certifications as well as a master's degree in exercise science. Other factors to consider when choosing a trainer include the following:

—Lisa Levine, November 2004, "Orlando Magazine"

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