3 Times Certified Personal Trainer Tad Campbell - A Leading Fitness Expert in the Orlando and Central Florida Area for Over 12 Years.

A Few Success Stories

I have always had "saddle bags" on my legs since I graduated from college. The last several months of training with Tad has gotten me in the best shape or "figure" in my life. People are now always complimenting me on my arms and shoulders, but I think my best assets are my legs and abdominals!
— Connie, Retail Manager
I have been training with Tad for 6 months. Tad implemented a personal fitness program, encompassing weight training, cardio fitness and nutritional awareness. The results have been remarkable. I've lost body fat and gained definition. For the first time in my life, I am proud of my body. I feel and look great and this has given me a terrific lift in my self confidence. I've trained before with a few people who called themselves trainers. Now knowing Tad, I understand the difference between an amateur and a professional. Thanks a million Tad!!!
— Andrew, Consultant
Just in my first year working with Tad I reached my goal of putting on 20 pounds of muscle. Tad worked incredibly efficiently with me and I was happy with both the speed and quality of the results. My friends and my family noticed the improvement and I no longer hear "you should be eating more". I continue to work with Tad to maintain my weight. Tad your expertise shines. As always thanks for your help and motivation.
— Chris, IT Director

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