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"Now, with the scientific and research proven method, achieve your weight loss goals—lose 10 to 20 pounds, or more—with the help of an experienced and degreed certified trainer."

By Tad Campbell, MA, Gold Certified Personal Trainer & Exercise Physiologist, Orlando, Florida

Doesn't it frustrate you to think that you could have actually lost those pounds if one of the many diet programs had really worked? How would you like it if you could lose all that weight and feel renewed in a matter of one to two months-and once you've made that healthy lifestyle change-actually keep that weight off?

Please be sure to read every word on this page because I'm not only going to list the benefits for you, but I am going to explain how my personal training program is the most effective method to drop inches by increasing muscle and decreasing body fat.

"I have been training with Tad for 6 months. Tad implemented a personal fitness program that encompassed resistance training, cardio training, and nutritional counseling. The results have been remarkable! I've lost body fat and gained definition. For the first time in my life, I am proud of my body! I feel and look great and this has given me a terrific lift in my confidence. I've trained before with trainers in New York. But Tad is the only one that has gotten me the results that I have been searching for. After training with Tad for over a year, I understand the difference between an amateur and a professional. Thanks a million, Tad!!"
- Andrew, Consultant

Why We Don't Lose Weight

For most of us, we have attempted the fad diet, purchased a gym membership, or taken the miracle diet pill. Too often, fad diets fail, gym memberships go unused, and diet pills prove ineffective and hazardous to one's health. Each of these has made promises that have never produced results. We reach the end of the road and conclude that a realistic and proven method doesn't exist to reach those objectives of losing weight and inches. Eventually, we discover that an effective exercise program and a structured sensible nutritional plan is the most efficient method to lose weight.

A recent medical journal article exposed the most popular diets when it concluded that most popular diets are ineffective in their ability to produce long-term weight loss. Yes, those fad diets came out appearing rather decidedly unappetizing. The article concluded that the only effective method to really lose the weight is to reduce the amount of calories consumed and to increase the amount of physical activity. So, the bottom line is that the scientific and research proven method is the most effective and efficient approach to weight loss.

The Support You Need Each and Every Week

Besides feeling guilty for eating excessively and exercising periodically, you may also be disappointed when you find your weight loss program doesn't offer the guidance and support you needed each and every week. Now, it's possible to lose an average of 8 to 10 pounds a month safely with Orlando Personal Training. In fact, you will be able to keep the weight off because Orlando Personal Training keeps you accountable. Losing weight is extremely difficult if one attempts to do it alone. I will be there to coach you and help you maintain a proper nutritional and exercise program.

Who's Successful at Losing Weight?
(Hint: Eating Less Doesn't Always Work)

While polls show that over 65% of the U.S. population says they've attempted some form of weight loss or weight control program, only 20% were successful! Of the many methods of weight loss, including fad diets, gym memberships, and diet pills, those who were most successful were those who trained with a personal trainer.

If you're inquiring about personal training, you have most likely exhausted all the other methods. If you haven't had the success you're looking for, I believe Orlando Personal Training is the most productive alternative to reach you goals.

Training Locations - Right In Your Backyard

Personal Training can be done in one's own home, the club house, or at a local personal training studio. In fact, today's small local personal training studios, such as the one I primariliy work in, provide small and friendly environments with others around like you who help give you support along the way. Plus, you'll have a personal trainer there to give you constant attention and instructions to help keep you on track.

The Orlando Personal Training Weight Loss Program

While you've reading this page, you may just begin to see that you can't afford to delay your decision to call Orlando Personal Training. Don't waste your health club membership that you aren't using. Statistics show that only three to five percent of health club members are actually going to the clubs a year later. Orlando Personal Training does actually work! Make that commitment to the Program that Orlando Personal Training has to offer! If you are still uncertain, Orlando Personal Training will provide many references of successful clients who have committed to a program of lifestyle changes for a lifetime!

"I have always had 'saddle bags' on my legs since I graduated from college in Iowa. The last several months of training with Tad has gotten me in the best shape of my life. Everyone is now always complimenting me on my arms and shoulders. But I think my best assets are my legs and abs!"
- Connie, Retail Manager

Below are some of the BENEFITS of Orlando Personal Training:

Getting Started is Easy

No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

Try personal training for your first session risk-free. If you're not totally comfortable and convinced that you will shed those 10-20 pounds in just 2 months, then I will cheerfully refund your entire cost for the session guaranteed.

There're a limited number of spots in my schedule as the winter program fills up so please contact me now to get started.

All it takes to get started is to contact me now because the sooner you start the sooner you'll lose your unwanted pounds. Start now! You can call me at (407) 835-7854 or send an email at tadcscs@gmail.com, but the easiest way is to just fill in the short online form below to contact me and I'll call you back at the time and day of your choice.

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